Her niche
in her years of yore
A folly fringed
Better a muse she found
into Daydreaming

Her sermonic series spray
As from Mount Sinai
Far-flung from not the skies
Much a reservoir of hopes
A frown today
A gateway
To smiling tomorrow
Since antiquity

Her ink ripples her voice
Not a laughing serious
Like an ostinato
Didactic undulate display
Fulfilling minds
Mess not a mess

Her diction
A humble call to addicts
To trace their missing prospects in dismay
Before shadows detach
Let the
Goon groom go guru
Let the
Fiend freshen with a warm heart
Let the
Tamed be transferred to the foyer of famed
Let the
Savage spare the sage as the sage strives Savage’s recast
Let the


Far in a very virtuous virgin woods
Exist an approachable hidden wall
… ancient are the bricks
… baked in the oven
of the maker’s mind

Very conspicuous to
Pilgrims who advance
beyond the normal world
Valuable are the thoughts of
the experienced in the quest for it, but
Very a myth
to they that think
have nothing more to dope out

From age to age
The Great Wall keeps on
thickening its layers
From generation to generation
The Great Wall remains
An inheritance to the sincere fool, but
An outcast to the proclaimed wisest


https://youtu.be/_Z5-P9v3F8w Jaden and Justin, we miss this adorable you.

Never stay on the ground
When life knocks you down
Never say never

You will never get to the peak
of your smartness till
You get to the point of no return
Never say never

You can make temperance
out of tolerance
… when the whole world
turns against you
Never say never

You can only find yourself
When you are lost
Giants are made
to be slain
Never say never

The mind that conceives
Sometimes, deceives
Conceding is at a cost
a lesson best at a loss
The cause of your loss
An agent of your gain
Never say never

You can only throw up
The will power within
When you are on fire
Till you are trampled upon
You may never value your worth
Never say never


What once derailed me
has diffused from the very me
Crystallized outside of the self me
into pillars of confidence around me

A step I made
A fear I breathed
Bold steps I made out
Solid fears I breathed out
Bold steps I made out ahead
Made me carry high up my head

This new me should abide
under the room temperature
The heat of life is not far from it
If I want it to stand the test of time
I have to keep my pace, briskly or not
To double up, triple up or run
One stable thing is for sure
A steady step at a time is
never a waste of time.


If days were nights,
Would darkness switch to light?
If days were nights,
Would the mother loose her fertility?
If days were nights,
Would the ozone suffer not loss in continuity?
If days were nights,
Would the world mount more colours?
If days were nights,
Would the conversant sounds crystallize?
If days were nights,
Would the stars be fond of the sun?
If days were nights,
Would the moon stand still like the sun?
If days were nights,
Would the drowning dawns get drowned?
If days were nights,
Would the compass turn upside down?
If days were nights,
Would mundanity turn heavenly?
If days were nights,
Would hell befriend heaven?
If days were nights,
Would humans say howdy
to nature’s call with a choice?
If days were nights,
Would every night bring new choices?
If days were nights,
Would the invisible become visible?
If days were nights,
Would mortals remain visuals?
If days were nights,
Would the Originator loose His veto?

When a mountain bows

When a mountain bows
Slam doors in the face of procrastination!
When a mountain bows
Forget not, rules are rules
When a mountain bows
Do not forget the aids
When a mountain bows
The weather is never a friend
When a mountain bows
Collaboration is a catalyst

When a mountain bows
Another mountain awaits
with the best view
on top or behind
Farther or higher
None is too great
When a mountain bows
… faith is as sure as fate
When a mountain bows
… you are ready to see the world
… the world is ready to see you
When a mountain bows
Climbing is conquering...


I see a very thin but promising
line between two states
A little higher than me
from a distance
Steals my swift focus
overrides objections
My destination is at hand

Oh! No!
Can nature deceive?
The parallelism
of the sky
to the lower layer
keeps on projecting out
from each other

The more I draw nearer
The farther I become
I make up my mind
There is more to cover
The fine line
of the never merging
is just a reminder
into the wide blue yonder
A beauty of hope
to the ugly hopeless