Black is Beautiful

People curse and abuse me because I’m black,For any damn thing my colour is under attack… Deeply misunderstood I’m used as a symbol for death and mourning,but without my darkness, there will be no morning… Other colours get subsumed into me under my influence,Blending their qualities to bolster my strength for a purpose… I have […]

Black is Beautiful

THIS DAY – An Ode to Mr. Isaac Blay

This Day was never forgotten,

your destiny could not afford loosing it

This Day only wandered,

but, was never lost.

We saw it coming

in your loyal friendship

We saw it coming in your courage

that dares every dark side

We saw it come

Your DNA never betrayed your royalty.

May this day, crafted by the Creator

be an ushering moment

from gestation to Greatness

May this induction,

inject to unleash the hidden virtues

to rule the age under your Stool

to make decisions with Love

Nana …, May God reveal to you,

His secret codes to Wisdom

as granted to the Biblical King Solomon,

Compassion and Cooperation,

Friendliness and Fairness

May your judgements

Lullaby and Alibi

in harmony to add to the glory

of the Stool from aeons to aeons.

Mr. Isaac Blay is a facilitator at the Catholic Junior High School at Tarkwa, in the Western Region of Ghana. He and my husband, Mr. Gabriel Bissie had been childhood friends, and is being very closer when l came to the scene. Mr. Blay , together with his wife, Mrs. Victoria Blay has being an outlet of blessings God uses to touch us.

I decided to write this poem to appreciate his commitments, inspire, and to celebrate with him on his induction as the … .

Let your heart …

Does the pulse of his ill – treats 

  echoe in your congitations?

 as choruses from dark dreams?

Do the rejections in the syrtis

add to the pain in your brain?

Let your heart heal.


Nothing to reminisce?

Future has much to remit

The past passed pulls

with no push  power

Fall on your heart

Daughter of this Earth,

Let your heart heal.

The replica of Hilianthus  Annuus  L.,

Face the sun and forgive its scorches

Forget not your versatility

Rejuvenate by essence

before the light fades

Let your heart decide.

Say not lots nay

A turn for hay is nigh

The heat recycles in rays

Rest on your  zest

Daughter of this Earth,

Let your heart decide.

Inspired by the poem: Daughter of this Earth by Gabriela Marie Malton.

Image by iStock photos.

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A BOOK Traveller (2)

Image : Unplash

I am a book traveller
I travel in books
The introductions resurrect
the previous
to make way for
where legends drive technology
as the sun directs the sunflower
from rise to set, and
Spines smile and frown
at their own
Open and close

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I am a book traveller
Yes, l am
On papers and in clouds
For when phrases and clauses
entangle my comprehension,
Punctuations see me through
with a rhythmic pulse.
Suspense keeps me within the scopes
if images and illustrations scare
in a glance stare.
Though crews on board
Work behind scenes,
I am never lost
For in SYNOPSIS do l put my trust
l must say
I find great exposure series
in the warmth
of their embrace

A BOOK Traveller (1)

I am a book traveller
Please, don’t ask me how
I can only say
I travel in books
If you ask me why
I will say
There is much to share
I will tell you
I always enjoy
Adventures in books
They help me live
a million lives

Their sweet – scented nectar experiences,
are reassured in colorful titles
On rainbow covers
The flavours of their steamed words
from seasoning pots
of Authors, page by page,
Catapult me to divergent worlds
To an interchange of imaginations
A wonder of nature and science
A land of myths and realities
An atmosphere of chapters and sections
Fiction and non – fiction